Recent Appointees in Materials Science will be held at Lancaster University on 22-23rd September 2016 – please see the conference website http://rams2016.org/ for further information! 


The 2015 Recent Appointees in Materials Science Conference (RAMS 2015) is the only national conference specifically aimed at new academic appointees (lecturers, research fellows, and postdocs) in materials science. The RAMS 2015 conference incorporated symposia covering a broad range of subjects in Materials Science (from inorganic materials and functional nanomaterials to biological, soft matter and electronic materials), to help recent appointees to build their national collaborative networks, exchange experiences and benefit from peer support. The conference also incorporated plenary lectures from leading UK materials scientists as well as sessions on essential training and development and information on funding opportunities through the RAMS network, targeted to help academics at the start of their careers.

RAMS 2015 at the University of Warwick followed on from the extremely successful conference held at the University of Bath in September 2014, which was attended by ~60 early career academics, certainly good university professor. Details on the previous event can be found here.

A Storify of Tweets sent by delegates at RAMS2015 can be viewed at this webpage.

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